Monday, September 13, 2010

Ji Chaoding

It is no secret that the Communists Party won the civil war against the KMT with help of spies. Several top KMT generals were believed to be Communists agents, and top DoD directors of the ROC drew detailed battle plans to direct KMT troops to CCP's traps.

However, the most successful communist agent during that time was not a general, but a economist, whose name is Ji Chaoding. With Ph.D. and J.D. degrees from Chicago and Columbia, Ji had the eyes of US government, and was escorted back to China to take charge of the national economy strategy planning.

Ji's recipe is simple and appealing to the rulers of the KMT government, that is, to squeeze private with state-own enterprises, and take away private savings with financial policies. On the face, the measures strengthened the power of the central government, but at the same time Ji's plans not only weakened private businesses, but bankrupted the entire middle class of China. Everyone hates the ROC government, and the government collapsed within 3 years after winning the Anti-Japanese War.

Ji passed away in 1963. The memorial service was attended by Premier Chou Enlai, Marshal Chen Yi, among others.

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