Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Classics Faces Off GFW

Google's newly released Art Project joined millions others to be blocked by the communists' Great FireWall. The Google Art Project partnered with 17 top museums across the world to bring a surreal browsing experience to users in front of a computer, when they can view famous exhibits in the museum setting with unprecedented resolution. Each view is comprised of billions of pixels, or 1000 times more in detail then a consumer's digital camera. These paintings include master pieces by artists such as Van Gogh, and you would wonder what did Van Gogh did to deserve a ban in modern China.

The inspectors, or Net Cops as they are referred in China, had very unique and peculiar taste in making decisions regards which sites got blocked. For example,, the main official portal for the Python programming language has been famously blocked for years. Do they not like the big snake logo? Or they were offended by Monty Python the show where the programming language got its name? Everyone is curious, but no one can tell.

Other websites blocked? Wikipedia, Youtube, Picasa, Pbase, Flickr, Twitter, ....

Happy Chinese New Year!

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