Friday, February 25, 2011

Beijing Ordered Grade School Students Solute the Party's Flag

The Seagull had heard of this for awhile, but thought it a, rumor. Even in the darkest days, never had elementary school students to regularly solute the Party Flag. Even Chinese people who had been used to live under the heavy hand Big Brother were shocked in disbelieve, Aha.... It is like living a surreal dream in real time, standing on top of tower, and you knew the next moment the tower would fall, but you could do nothing about it, as you knew, and so you stood there, and 'Aha'..

Beijing issued an order, effectively immediately until October, on the first Monday of each month, students of elementary, middle and high schools must rally to solute the Party's flag.

You felt the chill up the spine, and you taste the dryness behind the tongue. You can't close your eyes although you are not looking, and you can't close your mouth although you can't make a sound.

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