Monday, February 28, 2011

Child Eat, Mom Watch

Premier Wen Jiabao went online to chat with Netizens for the third time in three years. Regarding the rising grocery price, Wen told a story on a tour in Zhejiang Province last year. At a luncheonette attached to a supermarket, Wen saw a mom and a child who bought only one meal. The child was eating, and the mom was watching the child eating on the saide. Wen asked the woman how many children did she have. The woman started crying. She said this was the only child she had. She said her husband just passed away because of cancer. She only hoped she could keep the child with her in the city she was working as a migrate worker. Local officials accompanying Wen granted the child permission to attend school.

China still has hope, as long as someone higher up who is still of seeing and feeling the suffering of people.

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alai said...

If only all children in the same situation were given similar opportunities. Can we only hope to receive such kindness from the government if we're noticed by a senior politician?