Friday, February 11, 2011

Development in the Investigation of Thallium Poisoning

1. A person with information posted on MITBBS, a site frequented by Chinese American students and professionals, that the plot of the plot was: the child was result of an affair of the mother. After the incident, the couple is splitting away, but still moved in the current house for consideration of the child. Coupled with long commute to Wall Street, the husband had not been a great help in childcare. The relation never recovered, and a divorce process started.

Rumor has it, it is the second marriage for the woman. Li was issued a restraining order for harassing a woman, whose husband was the child's biological father.

2. "If someone at the hospital had not guessed it might be thallium and tested for it, it might have gone undetected," said Steven Marcus, the medical and executive director of New Jersey Poison Control.

3. Li's family background in China can be characterized nothing but incredible. Li was able to transfer from Nankai University to Beijing University after one year of study in 1990, a mission impossible under Chinese higher education system. As an insider, the Seagull can tell you it's not easy because the transfer has to be approved by both University, the higher education commission of both Beijing and Tianjian, and the national higher education commission, while each and every party involved has inherent interest and natural motivation to deny. Truly amazing and incomprehensible. This is seemingly irrelevant to the poisoning case, but could give a shred of light on Li's mentality of supremacy and entitlement.

4. Reading news report, it seems the hospital and police has not speak all they knew, because 1) a hospital usually does not admit a patient for only 'flu-like' symptom; and 2) even giving the coincidence of the 'magic nurse', it is not quite clear what made the hospital started searching for possible poison agent and when did it start.

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