Wednesday, March 09, 2011

2011: Happiness and Dignity

Happiness and Dignity is a song by Shao Yibei. Shao dedicated the song to the annual Congressional Session. Shao described ordinary people's feeling and envision of a better society with fairness and justice.
The lyric says:

When the Earth Reboot after a system update,
overnight the year of 2011 becomes the new Genesis.
While innocent people still searching for happiness,
the world has become a better place.

Lost soles farewelled, love ones rested,
in places Yushu and Zhouqu;
Underneath the surface,
miners and operators are studying meanings of life.
Kids of rich and poor are facing same fate and opportunities.
Every Chinese could smile and say,
we have medical insurance.

Shall we hope,
there should be the tune of happiness after all the suffering and struggling;
Shall we hope,
living in dignity no longer a miracle;
Let's hug together,
the world should not refuse reaching out arms.
Don't laugh at my hope for a chance to make wishes.

Children will not be abducted by human trafficker;
Farmers will not be thrown in jail on fictional law;
Officials and their families will not toy around laws and lives;
Dear leaders will stop wasting time on sexual explorations;
The resisting villager's watch will no longer be the only key evident;
College graduates will find jobs;
The railways of Spring should shorten the distance between home and us;
The skyrocketing gas price will no longer render motorists wordless.

Trust, the meaning will be conveyed for born on this land;
Love, and bless me with courage to feel;
Hug, indifferences should not intercept the arms reaching out;
Assure me, we are entitled to hope

Burning oneself will not be the only way to stop unlawful brutal eviction;
We are no longer lost in excessive taxes and fees;
Growth of salary should exceed growth of price;
Morality is out there along money and others;

The China Impression advertisement displayed at the Times Square should reflect fairness and justice
Numeral GDP should no longer be used only to cover the gap between wealth and poverty
Skyscrapers should give us more than a sigh
The residency system should no longer took away our freedom to breathe

Let's hope smiling on people's face are no longer just a mask;
Let's jump and breathe air of dignity;
Let's hug, the world should not refuse reaching out arms;
Believe me, I have right to make a wish.

Shao Yibei, a.k.a. Shao Xiaomao, was born in 1983. Entered Beijing University as the top student from Qinghai Province of year 2002, She majored Mass in Communication.

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