Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Mainland China Failed to Invest in Education Again

According to data released during the congressional session of 2011, China spent 3.59% of its GDP on education in 2009. In comparison, developed countries spent an average of 4.8% while developing countries spent an average 5.6%.

In another comparison, the Treasure Ministry published an annual budget of 6,24B RMB in security measures against political dissidents, more than 5 times of the education budget.

Education is the No. 1 priority in Chinese families.

Another report found that, in the next ten years, China's school population will keep an average yearly shrinking rate of 3.23%, or 8.6 million students less per year. Thousands of newly built 'Hope Schools (with Hope Project donations)' were abandoned each year due to low enrollment.

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