Monday, March 07, 2011

From Tian'anmen Square to Green Square

Career Revolution Leader Colonel Gaddafi talked to western media after his security forces killed hundreds of civil protesters in Libya with guns, artilleries, missiles and air bombing. The old colonel exclaimed he was following the great example of great communist leaders in China, who's tanks rolled over students protesting in Tian'anmen Square in 1989. Gaddafi was so excited, that he mentioned the Tian'anmen twice during the interview. He argued the Tian'anmen massacre united China, and determined to follow the suit if necessary. The Tian'anmen reference did not seem to be convincing enough, that the UN's security council passed a resolution to send officials who slaughter its own citizens to criminal investigation by the international court.

Well, actually, the Chinese government had always looking west for legal shield.

In the history of the United States, more than one time had the government used military forces against its own citizen.

1921, in response to coal mine workers' demand for union, President Harding sent in Army General Billy Mitchell, the father of the USAF. Miners were crushed by a combination of mine operator's private army and the US federal military forces. The would be recorded in the history when the federal air force planes were used against US citizens.

Years into the Greet Depression in 1932, World War I veterans, unemployed and hungry, petitioned in Washington, D.C. along their wifes and children for a principle payment of their bonus due in 1945. President Hoover sent active duty army in response. Commanded by General Douglas MacArthur and Major General George Pattern, the 12th Infantry and the 3rd Cavalry rolled over the protesters with support of six battle tanks.

And there was the Kent State University's shootings in 1970 at students protesting the unpopular war on campus. Four students killed by US National Guard.

From Air Force, Tanks, to Assault Rifles, the US went a long way of using more benign weapons upon its own citizens in a duration of 50 years. No wonder, regimes around the world had plenty to cite in covering their own brutalities against citizens.

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