Monday, February 25, 2013

PLA's Kitty Hawk General Turned Out a Chickenhawk

Major General Luo Yuan created an account on Sina's Weibo service last week. Within hours, he was found bleeding profusely after being attacked by a mob of posters.

General Luo was found to have a billionaire brother living in the US. That he was elevated to senior post not because of experience and skills but because of his father, a senior Communist official. That he was suddenly extracted from a troop and sent back to PLA's headquarters in Beijing the night before it was sent to battlefield for the Sino-Vietnam border conflict. In his first hour on the popular social network service, the proud kitty hawk found himself defeathered to a chickenhawk.

Frustrated General Luo then mobilized his cyberarmy to make comments at the popular microblog site, with the same phrase praising his knowledge and insight. Unfortunately, one soldier forgot to change his alias and used General Luo's official ID to write about Luo's qualification in a third person tone. It was immediately caught by the net mob, and it's obvious the entire Chinese Internet community was laughing at the general.

As all good stories go, it would not peak at Act One. General Zhu's cyberarmy then used the official ID of an unrelated military agency to declare General Zhu's account had been compromised. Well, guess what, the declaration was traced back to now devastated General Luo.

PLA Army Major General Luo Yuan, PLA Air Force Colonel Dai Xu and PLA Army Major General Zhu Chenghu are known as the Three Hawks in the Chinese military force. General Luo suggested bombing Tokyo over the dispute over Diaoyu Islands. Col. Dai is an advocate of unlimited warfare. General Zhu vowed a nuclear duel with the US, with a calculated tolerable cost of cities east of Xi'an (which include Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, or 80% of Chinese population).

In the context when the US media and government are publicly campaigning the mighty cyber warfare capacity of the PLA, it's a black humor to see the real Internet proficiency of PLA hawks.

The presumed PLA cyber warfare headquarter, Unit 61398, was uncovered by a western computer security firm because soldiers purportedly logged in Facebook and Twitter accounts from their own server without any mask. If any soldiers were set for court martial or careless endeavor, they should argue loudly that their top generals had been doing the same.

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