Monday, February 18, 2013

Stay Undercover in the US, Await the Call from Motherland

Former table tennis player and world champion Mr. Zhuang Zedong passed away on Feb 10, 2013 in Beijing. Zhuang was a key figure in the ping-pong diplomacy which began the official ties between China and US. It was an amazing incident that was often dubbed as 'a small ball who pushed around the globe.'

As many of those who rode the tide of the Great Cultural Revolution, Zhuang was sacked after Deng Xiaoping took charge of China in 1978. It might be a hint to understand his public demonstration of loyalty to Mao in following years. Actually, Zhuang was deemed an idol by many who shared the same political ideology.

In days on his sickbed, Zhuang kept a high spirit, receiving many visits from extended family members, friends, social and cultural celebrities.

Zhuang's last words was a remark written on the back of a photo of kids of a close friend of him. It reads: await for the call from motherland while living undercover in the US.

Zhuang was also known for his mastership in calligraphy. Seventy-three year-old Zhuang had been a living legend, and a lasting winner transcending career, time, age and political trends. But for him, the call did not come in time. With any luck, it should never do.

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