Monday, April 01, 2013

Kung Fu Legends: A Sequel

In the Biadu discussion panel for the disgraced former ideology master Dr. Yi Junqing, who was brought down by an affair with his trainee Dr. Chang Yan, a graduating senior posted a shockingly similar story between her adviser and herself.

The story took place in the Chinese Language Department of the Southeast University in Nanjing. A female student, in the same manner of now famous manifesto of Dr. Chang, chronically detailed her relationship with her school assigned mentor, deputy secretary of local CCP branch, Dr. Liu Zhanzhao.

Dr. Liu almost is the opposite of Dr. Yi. Dr. Yi is the mastermind behind the CCP's policies, while Liu is only an entry level player. Dr. Yi is believed to be one of the most handsome and charisma senior officials in decades, while Liu is depicted as short, bald and overweight. Dr. Yi rides on a stable and loyal fanbase, while Liu is ridiculed by his advisees. Yet, the common share of the two was using their power as the adviser in taking advantage of their female students.

The published story accused Dr. Liu of committing many misconducts as a teacher, including:

  • Inappropriate contacts with multiple female students under his supervision;
  • Passing copies of other professors' final examinations to students, using his administrative power;
  • Having sexual contact with the student;
  • Instructing students on how to compromise their professors for better grades;
  • Tampering with attendance logging equipment;
  • Committing fraud in allocating grants for students in poverty to favor his mistresses;
  • Using students as free laborers by assigning job as course homework in undergraduate classes;
  • Allowing late entering in exam despite being prohibited by rules;

Based on the manuscript, Southeast University had been aware of at least some of these misconducts. At one point, Liu was demoted after an unspecified female student who was not known to the whistleblower registered a claim. Still Liu is kept at a position instructing and supervising undergraduate students.

As in Dr Chang's manuscript, this new sequel also had a few brushes on the academic environment and in general the operating and internal power fights which is amusing to read.

Also as in Dr. Chang's manuscript, the new sequel is accompanies vast amount of text messaging conversations between the two.

Some excerpts:

马文把两份试卷打印了出来,梅林:“我可以带走吗?” 马文:“你抄下来吧,抄完了把这个撕掉。”........ 马文说:“答案可以拿走。”梅林:“嗯,不用抄了?”马文:“别给人看见就行。”........ 那些报考我院的研究生 只要找我的 比开会有用多了........ 马文拨开梅林的腿,梅林:“你得带套,如果我怀孕了,你很麻烦,我也很麻烦。”马文慢吞吞的带上,梅林觉得疼,必然的。努力半天,进不去,在疼痛撕裂她的时候,她想,就这一次,忍着。但始终进不去,梅林觉得手上黏黏的,她一看,惊呼:“血。”........ 梅林:我又不是贫困生 马文:我可以帮你弄........ 马文抱住梅林,关了灯,反锁门,搂紧梅林深深吸气。梅林:“有人来了怎么办啊?”马文:“不会有人过来。”梅林:“我只要大叫一声,你就身败名裂啦。”马文停顿,用更大的劲抱住梅林。

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