Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Cost of a Computer

The Education Department of Schwerin in Germany threw away 170 computers which were infected with a virus called Confickr. The department figured it was cheaper than dealing with the hassle. Microsoft has released a Malicious Software Removal Tool, which fix the issue with 'one click'. However, hiring someone to perform the 'one click' cost more than dumping them and ordering some new.

With few exception, computers especially lower end computers are manufactured in China. After they were dumped, they would also find their way back to China to be processed. The reason they are so cheap to build and to be discard is because China does not factor in any cost of damages done to the environment and workers.

Environmental impact in building and recycling computers are highly visible because of many toxic materials it contains. On the other hand, families across the world are throwing lightly used clothes, furnitures and house appliances not because they broke, but because newers one are so cheap. Many of these will impact the environment locally. In this case, whom should we blame?

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