Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Recent Photo of Song Yaowu Surfaced

One red princeling Hu Shiying posted a photo of a private gathering of China's red princelings, in which a infamous red guard Song Yaowu appeared.

The party was hosted by Xi Jinping, then CCP Party Boss in Zhejiang Province. Others appeared in this photo includes Bo Xicheng (son of Bo Yibo and brother of Bo Xilai), Liu Yuan (son of Liu Shaoqi), Wang Qishan (son in law of Yao Yilin), Yang Li (daughter of Yang Shangkun), Chen Yuan (son of Chen Yun) among others. Song Yaowu is the women 4th from left in the front. Xi Jinping is 3rd from right in the second row.

Song, together with another Red Guard Deng Rong (daughter of Deng Xiaoping), killed their teacher Bian Zhongyun, the first teacher to be killed by students in the Great Cultural Revolution. The incident opened an era when red guards across the country were mobilized to take over schools by violence. Many more teachers would be tortured and killed in the next few years.

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