Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Fudan University Poisoning Case Suspect Unmasked

This is said to be the weibo of the single suspect Mr. Lin. Lin's last weibo was posted on April 7. He lamented on the limit of reach of medical assistance, and wish he could help patients beyond his specialities.

Lin tipped the cause, Alloxan, of his roommate Mr. Huang's illness via an anonymous message, which helped doctors to make a positive diagnose, but too late to save Huang life. The message also helped police to trace back to Lin. Huang passed away on April 16 after fell into liver exhaustion shortly after April 1st.

Lin was taken away from his dorm room by police in the night on April 13, but it is still not clear as to a cause or motivation.

Rumor has it that Lin's target was a third student sharing the dorm room. Huang wasn't staying at the time, but came back unexpectedly. Huang felt sick after drank from the water dispenser installed in the room. Huang suspected the water was contaminated (from manufacture, transportation, etc.) so he washed the water bottle afterwards.

Lin was originally from Guangdong Province, and attended the Sun Yet-sen University.

The victim's last weibo was on March 13: Dark Knight: No one can eascape moral judgement.

Notable poisoning cases involving Chinese students:

2013Fudan UniversityHuang YangLin Senhaoroommatealloxan
2011New JerseyWang XiaoyeLi Tianlespousethallium
2007China University of Mining and TechnologyNiu, Li, ShiChangroommatethallium
1999Columbia UniversityYao Cheng, Liu LeiYao Chengselfphosphorus-32
1997Beijing UniversityJiang Lin, Lu ChenguangWang Xiaolongroommatethallium
1994Qinghua UniversityZhu Lingunknownthallium

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