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An Arrest Affidavit

Jing-Police-AA[2013] No. 306

Suspect: Ding Jiaxi, male, born August 17, 1967, of Yidu City of Hubei Province, ID# 11010819670817XXX, Han, postgraduate study, CEO of Hongde Law Firm in Beijing, permanent residency: xxxx, Building 107, 37 Xuyuan Road, Haidian District, Beijing, current residence: x-x, building 16, Huanshan Village, Wenquan, Haidian District, Beijing, member of China Democratic League (note: aka Minmeng, one of eight officially sponsored democratic political parties in China). Criminally detained on April 18, 2013 on allegations of illegal gathering; jailed at the No. 3 detention center of Beijing.

Defense lawyers: Liu Zhiqiang, Hongrui Law Firm of Shaanxi, License number: 610622197008280913; Wang Xing, Huicheng Law Firm of Beijing, License number: 110108198007113410.

The alleged illegal gathering case was stemed from another case investigated by this bureau (note: Metropolitan Police of Beijing) on March 31, 2013, wherein Hou Xin et al, illegally gathered at the Xidan Plaza advocating for public disclosure of properties owned by officials. Findings in that case revealed Ding Jiaxi was involved in the organizing, planning and displaying banners on the street. Suspect Ding Jiaxi was taken into custody on April 17, 2013.

Lawful investigation found: suspect Ding Jiaxi developed resentment because of his personal experiences, and start pursuing 'democratic citizenship'. He is connected to the Citizenship organization headed by Xu Zhiyong. He followed Xu's illegal political theories, i.e. advocate practicing of personal citizenship, reject dictatorship and corruption, exercising spirit of citizenship, share work under a democratic framework, push for peaceful conversion to a democratic legal system, participate by writing and posting articles, vote in elections, parade and demonstrate, push forward property disclosure, anti-corruption, anti land bound laws, promote citizenship awareness), participated in the New Citizenship Movement', therefore conducted damages.

In September of 2012, Xu Zhiyong led Ding Jiaxi, Li Wei, Sun Hanhui, Zhao Changqing and Wang Yonghong et al core members, started pushing for property disclosure of officials. They laid out a framework plan, in which Xu Zhiyong was charged as contacting valuable persons with levels of social influences, Ding Jiaxi as the chief coordinator, Sun Hanhui as public relation and the contact person, Li Wei gathering and distributing information. Afterwards, in the same month, aforementioned persons utilized a 'local partying' website to introduce the movement to those came to group meals.

On December 9, 2012, Sun Hanhui drafted a proposal to petition the 205 minister level ranking or higher level senior officials to disclose their properties. After Xu Zhiyong and Ding Jiahui edited the petition, Li Wei and Wang Yonghong et al secured sixty-eight democratic and civil rights advocates as co-petitioners. They posted the petition on the Internet and ask for public endorsement. Xu Zhiyong instructed Zhao Changqing, Li Wei and Sun Hanhui et al purchase cell phones and set up mailboxes to accept signatures from the public.

In January 2013, Xu Zhiyong, Ding Jiaxi and Sun Hanhui, et al, donated ¥15,000 ($2,500) to sponsor Ruan Yunhua of Hubei Province and Zhang Kun of Jiangsu Province on their 'North-South Traversal of Property Disclosure Public Officials'. The Ruan and Zhang set out from Zhuhai, via Hubei Province, Changsha, Junyang, Nanchang, Shanghai, Nanjing, Zhengzhou, Kaifeng, Xi'an, Lanzhou and Chongqing, etc. along their way, they displayed banners and passed out flyers. They also collected endorsing signatures and contacts to promote the petition. By February, they had collected thousands of signatures, which were handed to Sun Hanhui, Li Wei and Ding Jiaxi when they returned to Beijing. On March 4, Sun hanhui sorted through 7,033 signatures obtained through varies channels and attached them to the 'petition' that was sent to the government agencies including the National People's Congress, Chief Operation Office CCP, Chief Operation Office of State Council and the Chief Disciplinary Committee of CCP. On March 13, Ma Xinli was captured when he attempted to pass the petition to Members of the National Congress along other petitioners while the National Congress were in session in Beijing.

Between September to December in 2012, Ding Jiaxi, Sun Hanhui, Zhao Changqing, Wang Yonghong, Li Wei, et al, organized and participated multiple group meals through 'local partying'. While they were eating, they discussed ways to push for the 'Disclosure', including displaying banners on the street. Beginning January 27, 2013, suspects including Ding Jiaxi, Sun Hanhui, Wang Yonghong, Zhao Changqing, Hou Xin, Zhang Baocheng, Yuan Dong, Ma Lixin, et al, identified public places and organized, planned and exercised near 30 times street political activities while they displayed banners, gave talks, and fast mobbed. On March 31, 2013, Hou Xin, Zhang Baocheng, Yuan Dong, Ma Xinli, et al. went to Xidan Cultural Plaza, where they illegally gathered. At the scene, Zhao Baocheng and Ma Lixin, et al. displayed banners with words such as "Ask the Top Seven Politburos to Disclose Property", "Only Big Turtles (Turtle is a disparage term in Chinese culture) Would Not Disclose Their Properties". Yuan Dong gave a speech with a handheld speaker. Hong Xin, et al. took pictures and videos. The event attracted about one hundred passersby. They passed flyers of the 'Petition', and would not desist despite instructions from police and security guards. They were taken away by police from the Xidan Avenue Dispatch Station. After four persons including Hou Xin were taken into custody, Li Wei drafted a open letter of support, and posted to overseas websites after edited and signed by Xu Zhiyong, Ding Jiaxi, Sun Hanhui, Zhao Changqing and Wang Yonghong et al. to promote the cause.

In addition, on February 23, 2013, Ding Jiaxi went to Zhong Guancun e-World Plaze, Hailong Plaza, New Zhongguancun Plaza, East Entrance of Beijing University, West Entrance of Qinghua University, etc. to organize and participated activities such as displaying the banner and passing flyers to passersby.

The findings are evident with: depositions of the suspect and conspirators, material evidence, books, A/V materials and arresting procedures. The suspect confessed accordingly.

Herein, suspect Ding Jiaxi, along with Xu Zhiyong, et al, in name of push for property disclosure of officials, organized, planned and performed pressure in public places to government, with intention to create social instabilities criminal activities. His conduct violated articles 79 and 85 of the Chinese Criminal Code, therefore, please approve this arrest.


To: The No. One Prosecution Branch of the Beijing Prosecution Bureau

From: Beijing Metropolitan Police

On: May 18, 2013.

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