Monday, April 21, 2014

Chinese Students Populate US Universities

University of Southern California announced that over four thousand Chinese students were studying on their campus, based on Fall 2013 enrollment. Among which, 3,600 are from mainland China, 400 are from Taiwan, and 125 are from Hong Kong. The total number of international student population at USC is 8,500.

On the other end of the pipeline, around 7,000 Chinese obtained long term employment based visa through H1B in 2013. The total number of post-secondary Chinese students in the US exceeds 287,260 in 2013-2014 academic year (USICE). This number has doubled in five years from 128,000 since 2009-2010 academic year. The great majority of those who wish to stay in the US will have to explore options beyond high tech workers project.

According to Study Abroad Trend Report released by China Education Online, 103,427 Chinese students went to US for education. Among whom, 43.9% attended graduate schools, while 39.8% attended undergrad colleges. 23,795 Chinese students attended high schools, which reflected an increase of 366 times in eight years.

The most popular areas of study for Chinese students in the US are: Business (29%), Engineering (19.2%), Math and Computer Science (11.2%) and Social Sciences (8.2%). In the US, international students represent 3.9% of total students enrollment in the US in 2012 (OpenDoors Report).

One notable change in Chinese studying abroad is the emerging of 'international classes' in first tier cities in China. A conservative estimate put the total enrollment around 50,000 at this time. There are over 100 international classes in Beijing and about 50 in Shanghai, and various number of such classes all across China. High school students in these classes are prepared for going overseas rather than taking the National College Entrance Examination in China. They study for TOEFL, SAT, ACT, and science and humanity classes in English.

A study conducted by Xiaojie Li found the most important factors to draw Chinese students are academic quality and safety, which were followed by employment opportunities in the US after graduation. It is as interesting and important to find their school choices were not greatly influenced by the size of existing Chinese students population nor collaborative programs between the US institution and their Chinese alma mater.

Globally, Chinese students represented the top foreign students population in US, UK, Australia, Canada and Japan.

SchoolEnrollment Mainland ChinaYear of DataUS News 2014
Princeton University 326 2013 1-National
Harvard University 582 2011 2-National
Yale University 378 2012 3-National
Columbia University 2,849 2013 4-National
University of Pennsylvania 104 2012 7-National
Northwestern University 526 2009 12-National
University of California--Berkeley 1568 2013 20-National (2014)
University of Vriginia 828 2013 23-National
University of Southern California 3,038 2013 23-National
Tufts University 235 2013 28-National
Georgia Institute of Technology 1,470 2013 36-National
Pennsylvania State University 2,375 2012 37-National
University of Illinois Urbana-Champion 4,512 2013 41-National
University of Miami 976 2013 47-National
University of Texas--Austin 596 2008 52-National
University of Maryland--College Park 1,912 2012 62-National
University of Pittsburgh 1,387 2013 62-National
Purdue University 4,323 2013 68-National
Texas A&M University 1,688 2013 69-National
University of Iowa 2,062 2012 72-National
Michigan State University 4,419 2013 73-National
Indiana University--Bloomington 3,250 2012 75-National
Stony Brook University--SUNY 1,827 2013 82-National
University of Denver 733 2013 91-National
Binghamton University--SUNY 713 2012 97-National
Iowa State University 1,917 2013 101-National
University of Kansas 190 2006 101-National
Duquesne University 132 2012 121-National
University of Arkansas 211 2013 128-National
Ohio University 920 2013 135-National
Kansas State University 981 2013 135-National
Arizona State University 2,497 2013 142-National
Virginia Commonwealth University 171 2013 167-National
Northern Illinois University 104 2011 177-National
Western Michigan University 268 2013 181-National
University of Houston 686 2010 190-National
North Dakota State University 266 2013 190-National
Central Michigan University 259 2013 190-National
Georgia State University 465 2013 RNP-National
East Tennessee State University 119 2012 RNP-National
Wichita State University 156 2011 RNP-National
University of North Texas 381 2013 RNP-National
Portland State University 299 2011 RNP-National
Amherst College 28 2012 2-Liberal Arts
Swarthmore College 22 2012 3-Liberal Arts
Bowdoin College 20 2013 4-Liberal Arts
Claremont McKenna College 13 2010 9-Liberal Arts
Bucknell University 50 2012 32-Liberal Arts
Rochester Institute of Technology 406 2013 7-North
Chatham University 23 2013 48-North
Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania 15 2009 95-North
Weber State University 79 2013 80-West
Xavier University 17 2012 4-Midwest
University of Wisconsin--Eau Claire 89 2012 30-Midwest
University of Nebraska--Kearney 115 2013 48-Midwest
Avila University 27 2013 102-Midwest
University of North Carolina--Pembroke 69 2009 80-South
University of Houston--Clear Lake 100 2003 UR
University of Maryland, Baltimore 53 2005 UR

Numbers are cited from publicly available reports. Many universities with high Chinese students representation do not publish by-country enrollment data. For example, there are over 1,000 Chinese students on the main campus of Johns Hopkins University, among its 8,000 total students population. JHU is not listed in the above table because we do not have an exact official number. Similar situations include Duke University and most colleges and universities in the Boston area.

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