Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Jogging Not As Safe As Runners Thought

Jogging in a small town community park might not be as safe as runners had thought. Two female joggers were attacked while they were jogging together along paved path at Walkersville Community Park in Maryland.

Both 37 year old and 50 year old were sexually attacked by a youth.

Less than one month ago and a few miles to the east, a female runner who was running along the North East Street was groped by a person who did not match the description of the park incident. Earlier, runners reported that they were shot by paintball from driving-by pickup trucks while they were running along country road.

The Greater Washington D.C. area, following the national trend, have found increasing popularity of running. However, the safety issue could never have been worse.

In a politically charged campaign targeting former Californian Congressman Gary Condit, who lost a following re-election, the media focused upon the unexplained disappearance of a Washington intern Chandra Levy. Levy was later found murdered in the Rock Creek Park, probably while she was jogging. As a result of the Levy investigation, it turned out many, many women, possibly all joggers, had been attacked in the same park.

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