Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Will Yale University Do this to an African American Student?

Frances Chan, an Asian American student majoring in History was threatened by officials at Yale University that she would be kicked out of the school, because she was not heavy enough, according to report by the Huffington Post, New Haven Register.

The Asian American student stands 5 ft 2 tall, and weights 92 lbs. Despite having lived a healthy life, the University simply does not like how much she weights. Obviously she is not as heavy as most white girls, even though 92 lbs and 5 ft 2 is not an unusual combination among people with a skin color of Asians.

Yale University forced the student to check in weekly for weigh-ins. Chan was forced to bury herself with junk food such as Cheetos, cookies and ice cream. Whenever possible, she was forced to take elevator rather than taking stairs. Her family talked to the University, even had her childhood doctor talked to the University, as well as had her medical record shared with the University. The University couldn't be pleased.

Yale does not like how she looks. She does not look as heavy as what Yale likes to see.

The million dollar questions being that whether Yale would do the same to other students who look different from a desired figure (the Lebensborn project anyone cares to recall)? Is Asian the easy target for its hard to contain unresting internal urge of discrimination?

Frankly we could care less about discrimination or in particular a systematic attitude of discrimination at Yale. Be real, if you don't see it at other places you must be blind. The problem is: after several months of forced eating of junk food, the Asian girl is reporting a real eating disorder. What can she do?

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