Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Chinese Toy

There are Made-in-China toys, and there are Chinese toys. Yesterday New York Police released two African Americans who attacked a Chinese on 122nd Street and Broadway around 9pm Friday during which the Chinese was chased to the street and killed by a car. The city police decided Chinese are but property, and the African Americans were playing with toys. In contrast, another student of Columbia University, a white student was assaulted and stuck by a passing vehicle. The assailants in that case, all teenagers, were all charged with robbery and murder. The judge overseeing the hearing is Mary E. Bednar. The prosecutor is Keith Brown. The two names should be kept in a history book, along the NYPD.

All three murders were arrested by the police, but the judge decided to set them free. One of the African American, who repeated attacked the victim according to police record, told the police that they were playing with the Chinese, and he just wanted to show his buddies 'Watch what I do to this guy'.

When questioned by defense lawyer Bruce Carpenter whether the murder showed any remorse after the Chinese's death, detective John Garvey said, 'No, he didn't'.

The slain student is Yu Minghui 24 years old, who was a PhD candidate in the School of Arts and Sciences of Columbia University.

Sadly, in the US judiciary system a Chinese is but a toy.

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