Monday, April 14, 2008

This Time It Is Different, And Why

This time it is different. Never before had oversea Chinese protest the western, especially the western 'journalism' represented by major networks such as BBC and CNN.

Overseas Chinese left the mainland to the western for one reason or another, but many fled from the suffocating ruling of the CCP, and had longed for the free air in the West. Many have been vocally critical on every steps of the Chinese government, but not this time. All oversea Chinese are united to protest the distortion of news conducted by the mainstream media, represented by CNN.

For more than half century, the Chinatown San Francisco had been divided by the Taiwan Strait, not this time. Even those ailing veterans who hated the communism most walked on the street, with the red flag in hand to celebrate the Olympic Game to be held in Beijing.

Never before had wealthy Chinese bother to check the political news, but not this time. Fashion girls are boycotting covet French luxuries. Instead of showing up their collection of LV purses, they are busy making phone calls to stores to return their purchases.

A minute ago they were chef, students, scientists or engineers, the next minute they are on the street to protest for the first time in western countries against western countries, the land used to be dream their dream land. People are marching in Sheffield (4/12), Sydney (4/13), Melbourne (4/13), Ottawa (4/13), Heidelberg (4/12), Seattle (4/14).

Now, let me tell you what woke up the overseas Chinese community's dream of quiet personal prosperity. It is the blunt lie made by the western medias. There's an old saying in China that you are wrap fire with papers, which is exactly what western media had been doing since the riot broke out in Xizhang (Tibet) on March 13, 2008. It is the western press who warned overseas Chinese, after all, they are Chinese and China is their motherland.

One thing for sure: these protests were not sponsored by government. As a matter of fact, the communism propaganda department is trying their best to block any news that is deemed not 'harmonic'. This time, the Internet, which was used to obtain truth from western media, was used to obtain the true color of those western press. It is the people, get it?

When Voice of America (VoA), the US government funded radio service had their Chinese audiences on air, instead of criticism to human right issues in China, everyone with no exception started storming on how the western media has been lying on Tibet. These are the same people who are victimized and persecuted by the communism government. But this time, they recognized there is a more alarming criss on their motherland, a crusade led by the western journalism that vowed to crush the county and people who dwell on it. In the darkest time of the communism ruling, voices from BBC and Voa were like lights in a tunnel, encouraging Chinese people to keep fighting for their freedom. But this time, they revealed their true identity and true agenda. Their target was not the communism party, it was the land and the people.

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