Saturday, April 26, 2008

Adviser Fed Up with Clinton's 'Gratuitous China Bashing'

Dr. Richard Baum, a UCLA professor, resigned role as a political adviser to the Clinton campaign in protest of the campaign's 'gratuitous China bashing'. There's an interesting reading on the UCLA site, titled: Ten Questions for Richard Baum.

Clinton is the first candidate in the election year to urge Bush to boycott the 2008 Olympic Game to be held in Beijing, and boasted herself as 'the only candidate who isn't just talking about cracking down on China but I have a specific plan on how to do it'. Alike the 'change' for the Obama campaign, the sale point of the Clinton campaign is her 'experience'. In the past year or so, the Clinton campaign has been caught wet hand repeatedly on their characterization of Clinton's 'experience'. In one incident, Senator vividly depicted a scenario when she had to bent over and rush down a runway to dodge sniper bullets. It turned out, first by witness and later by document file record that there was a big welcome ceremony on the runway. Mrs Clinton was seen on the film walking down the red carpet to kiss a little girl with flowers waiting on the other side. It is not a new problem for the Clinton to make up experience, but what is more toxic is the history she made up on the side.

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