Tuesday, April 29, 2008

You Can Count On Me

Tang Yueyun and his wife after home burned down. Their eight years old daughter Xiaomin fled from her flaming house, but then rushed back in to save his little brother Xiaoze.

April 27, 2008, Kunming. When the family of Tang Yueyun opened door after having lunch at home, a big flame jumped on them and ignited the room all of a sudden. The flame came from a gasoline tank they placed outside the house, although the reason why it is burning by itself on a cloudy day remains unknown. The Tang couple and their eight years old daughter who were about to leave for work got out just in time while the fire consumed the entire house. All the neighbors started running for life, while the Tangs stood in a distance watching their home burned. They one year old son was still sleeping on the bed.

The fire is just too hot for anyone to get close. But suddenly, Xiaomin got out of hands of Tang and rushed back to the house. "I have to go save Xiaoji", that's why she said before disappeared in the big flame. Perhaps her last word, Tang jumped in the flame too and found the two children. The eight years old sister was covering the little brother with her body. Tang was able to take both children out. Both children were severely burned.

The Tangs lost everything they had owned, including all $700 savings of cash. The house is little more than ashes, and all they have is $40 pay from a past job.

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