Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Elite Overseas Chinese Disappointed the West

A true herolne. The 27 years old Shanghai girl's name is Jin Jing. Jing lost her right leg in childhood due to a malicious tumor. Jing grew up an Olympic athlete despite the physical challenge. When being asked afterwards what did she think when attached by Tibetan mobs, she said 'they will get the Olympic torch over my dead body'.

Elite Overseas Chinese disappointed the West. MITBBS, the largest online community of Chinese students in the US was almost stalled by the flooding of angry anti West protests.

The overseas Chinese community was awaken, and San Fransisco board became the front line of the battle field. $12,875.45 were raised overnight to assist poor students from remote states to travel to San Francisco on the torch relay day, April 9th, 2008.

Chinese all over the world were shocked when they watched the torch relay girl on the wheelchair was beaten by western sponsored 'Tibetan Independence' mobs. They were shocked when the mayor of Paris mocked the Chinese ambassador in front of the city hall. Fashion girls and office ladies vowed to boycott French product for five years. Thousands and thousands Chinese poured in San Francisco to celebrate the Olympic torch relay, chanting 'This is not Paris'. Hundreds of SF residents volunteered to make boarding available for out of towners. The site even managed to get two airplanes flying with banners of the Olympic flags.

Not everyone supports the ruling communism government in China, many deliberately fled from it. However, all were shocked by the hostile shown by the West towards the Olympic Game to be held in Beijing which is seen and felt as an insult to the Chinese. This is no return point, and the West just lost all credits it has accumulated. The West just accomplished one thing that the communism propaganda department had dreamed for 20 years, that was to make the younger and elite Chinese hate the West.

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