Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Separatists Struke

The Eastern Turkestan Islamic Movement launched a sudden strike in Xinjiang days before the summer Olympics games start. Sixteen militarized police soldiers were killed and 16 others were injured. According to eye witnesses' account, one terrorist drove a heavy engineering truck into a group of soldiers who were doing morning exercises on the sidewalk of public road, only 100 yards from their barrack. Another terrorist who had been waiting nearby threw a grenade into the stunned group. Both terrorists were captured alive. The Eastern Turkestan Movement is sponsored by the US government with their headquarter located in Washington D.C., despite China's repeatedly protests.

It's no surprising that the US government sponsor terrorists across the world, as they have always been doing in the past. What puzzled many people outside China is the inability of Chinese military to protest themselves from such terrorists attack. In China, soldiers do not carry weapons most of the time when they are on duty, and when they do, they do not carry ammunitions. The Communism constitution proclaimed that all military forces must be loyal to the Party, rather than to the people, the government or the country. As bizarre as it is, even the Party is not confident on how convincing it sounds. Therefore, the Party does not trust the military and the people to the extend that they do not feel comfortable to have a modernized professional military force. Fighters pilots only receive minimum amount of basic training such as taking off and landing. Navy warships were not to said outside shore-based bombers. Ground troops were not allowed to carry live ammunition most of the time. With this, the Chinese military personnels became a ripe target for terrorists attacks.

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April said...

Hi! I am a US citizen. I am very saddened by the recent troubles of your country, and my heart goes out to those who are suffering because of this attack. I can tell you with certainty that neither I, nor any other American I know, would believe your assertion that the US government supported the group that would commit these crimes. If such a thing were true, our press would have reported it, and our main opposition party (the Democrats at the moment) would have caused a major uproar and called for prosecution (or impeachment) of those responsible. Surely you do not believe that the American people would support such an action! Any proof of this accusation would be widely publicized by the Democrats, who, you may know, would like to gain some more seats in our government in this November's election. So if you have any proof, please send it to the Democratic Party. What makes this accusation even less credible, is that nothing could conceivably be gained by our government supporting this group. Do you think our government believes there is something to be gained by using Islamic terrorists to kill Chinese people??? I can't imagine what!!! I am no fan of our current administration, but please, criticize them for all the things they have ACTUALLY done wrong--there are plenty! --And, by the way, thanks for the WONDERFUL spectacle of the Olympic opening ceremonies! Truly moving!