Monday, August 04, 2008

Only Women have Spine

When the world bowed to the Communism Beijing to join the party of the summer Olympic games, only women have spine to speak up. The German Chancellor is the only national leader of major western countries who publicly refused to attend the opening ceremony, and the prime minister of New Zealand is the another woman leader who openly taunted China on its human rights record. The US House Speaker, the No. 3 person in the US and highest ranked woman leader, encouraged separatism terrorists to protest the Olympic torch relay in San Francisco. On the contrary, President Bush not only be the first to commit to attending the ceremony, but also bring an entire family that includes the senior Bush, a brother, a sister, a wife and a daughter to Beijing.

There was an ancient Chinese satire 'Shanghaijing (Scripture of Mountain and Sea)' where an female ruled countries was documented. In the Great Culture Revolution time, this was read as an evidence that women could and did lead a county. However, recent study revealed that the story was made up to warm people the catastrophic consequences of female ruling scenario.

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