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Seven Years Old Victim of Faked Olympic Show

This little girl is her parents' proud. Her smile looks like it carries a little bit shy, perhaps it was because of the tooth she had just lost. But that's ok, she is still very cute, very adorable to my eyes. How can a seven year old girl be not cute? Besides, she has a very beautiful voice. A voice that had touched the soft spot of millions at the same moment.

Seven years old first grader Yang Peiyi (杨沛宜) is yet another ordinary Chinese girl, but she sang the "Praise our Motherland" in the opening ceremony of the 2009 Olympic Games held in Beijing on August 8, 2008. A young girl dress in a simple red skirt singing the smooth and beautiful song became an immediate hit and one of the most memorable scene in Olympic history. The act was exceptionally well received in China. In numerous surveys conducted after the ceremony, without any exception, all Chinese people voted this song as the most touching program of the entire 3.5 hours ceremony. Many cried out of joy, love and proud.

While the smog of fireworks effects dispersed, the ugly truth sank in. The little girl in red dress did not sing the song she was pretending singing. The little girl in red dress stole the voice of Yang Peiyi for untold reasons (Now people know that another 5 years old little girl, who 'played' piano together with international mega star Lang Lang was the daughter of a sponsor). This is such a shame of the imposer, such a pity for Yang Peiyi, such a disgust to audiences all over the world.

'Nine-years-old becomes instant star with patriotic song', the official English newspaper China Daily reported, with no mention of the faked acting. Zhang Yimou, the acclaimed director said the song 'sung' by the red dressed girl was his personal favourite out of the entire show in the news brief held immediately after the faked show. Zhang spoke in great details how hard the red dressed girl had been rehearsing for the show. However, he didn't bother to tell the excited reporters who were still stunned by the 50 minutes, $300 Million faked show, that the girl was just faking. Retrospective thinking, it makes one chill when reviewing the tape of the new brief to see Zhang specifically told the reporters the red dressed girl sang the beautiful song, and how beautiful her voice was. In an lengthy interview to the red dressed gril's family made by the CCTV, the parents of the red dressed girl talked endlessly on the girl's 'performance' and how lovely their daughter had always been. There's not a single bit of shame or guilt, and of course they did not bother to mention that their daughter did not sing the song that touched the heart of billions of people. There's a saying: like father like son/daughter. Zhang Yimou has the world under his command with unlimited budget to produce the 50 minutes show. However, there are many things in the world that money can't buy, for example: honesty, dignity, or professionalism.

After the truth was leaked out accidentally by the Beijing Radio Station, Communism CCTV rushed to air an interview of Yang Peiyi three days after they fed the faked opening ceremony to the world. The interview was supposed to praise the little girl for her 'willingly' sacrifice for the county in name of a better show. The girl, accompanied by her father, was shown testified before the camera that she had no regret or hard feelings. She said she was happy because her voice was there. This is a heartbreaking moment, probably even more so than we were touched by her beautiful voice staged in the Olympic opening ceremony. What does a 7 years old know? What do we adults know? What do we do? How are we going to raise our children? Apparently there's no such words as 'shame' or 'shameless' in the dictionary of CCTV. Whatever the Olympic spirit stands for, whatever athletes fight for, whatever people looking for, it couldn't be represented by this ugly show.

In fairy tale 'Little Mermaid', her voice was stolen by the evil octopus by playing nasty tricks. So in the real life, as real as the show aired live to the entire world, who is the evil octopus?

The name of the person who is behind the arrangement is Chen Qigang, the chief music director of the opening ceremony faked show. A Shanghai born, French trained son-of-bitch. Chen Qigang's mentor is Olivier Messiaen. Next time, if there is a next time, please, no Frenchmen, no Shanghainese.

Shanghai:v. To induce or compel (someone) to do something, especially by fraud or force: We were shanghaied into buying worthless securities.

The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language: Fourth Edition. 2000.















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我一直很困惑该怎么教小孩子, 什么样的小孩子将来会过得比较好。

我上中学的时候班里有个孩子成绩很好, 跟我和另外一个同学不上下, 基本我们三就是数一数二。我们两是属于比较低调的那种。 那个孩子特别高调, 什么能出风头就干什么。

我记得有一次, 学校的演讲比赛, 但是是很个人的, 不是比班级的那种。 班里本来叫我去, 那是个节日,我好像是班长还是什么的, 所以班里也会有活动。我怕到时候忙不过来,毕竟学习重要, 就问老师能不能让别人去。 那个同学马上说,好啊,只是我也很忙, 这样吧, 让她(指我)给我些演讲稿,我去讲! 我当时都不知道说什么好。 你要是写演讲稿,我也有时间去讲。 这么会利用别人啊? 结果还真是, 老师让我写稿子让那个同学去, 我也不好意思说要是这样我就自己去了。结果一点时间没省下来, 费劲扒拉地写好稿子, 人家出风头去了。 这种事情特别多。后来这个同学是学校的学生会副主席,一搞活动, 叫大家这里负责那里负责,她肯定一直待在校领导身边。

还有一次,我们两代表学校去参加省里的英语比赛, 赛前那个同学让我帮忙抽查单词,我认认真真地在那说了十几分钟, 后来想让那个同学问我, 那个同学立刻说,我们该休息了, 老这么背情绪不好。

这个孩子特别喜欢显摆,老说自己多牛多牛,当然不是特别没边的那种, 属于半真半假, 但是一看就特别显摆的那种。比赛得了奖, 她家搞了一帮本地电视台的记者去采访, 我们当地新闻播了好多天。 其实我们学校是重点学校, 年年那些比赛都有3,5个得奖的, 但是谁也没这么搞过。 后来那些新闻录像申请保送的时候全寄给北大招生办了。比方说她后来上了北大,大一的时候大家还喜欢写信,一写信就说什么国家领导人去他们学校演讲什么的。 其实大家都在很好的学校, 至于吗?而且 , 一般的人, 就算国家领导来我们学校了, 也不至于到处跟人写信吧。后来她去了哈佛, 一写EMAIL就说哈佛该学院历史上从来不招中国人, 自己是历史第一人。 其实这年头, 大家一上网什么都查到了, 但是人就那么说, 还特骄傲。 当然她成绩也是很好的那种。

我小时候受的教育,老觉得这样不好, 我老觉得人好不好大家都看着呢, 吹什么呀? 还有让别人写稿子自己去出风头的那种事, 我都不好意思开口。 所以当年我心里还有点不待见她。但是这么多年以后我发现好像不是这样的。 这孩子的性格吧,大家也觉得她喜欢显摆,喜欢怎么着, 她不会有特别亲的朋友, 但是交游广阔,好像谁都能认识, 尤其是上面的人,而且大家一说起来, 虽然觉得她老喜欢抬高自己, 但是好像大家都觉得她也确实挺牛的。 这个孩子从北大到哈佛, 后来进了很有名的一间公司, 毕业这几年每两三年总要跳回槽, 名头搞得都挺吓人的, 年薪跟我们这些同学里面同是名校,背景差不多的人的年薪都不在一个档次上。

现在吧, 我特困惑, 倒不是说我妒嫉。 我自己反正就是这样了。我就是想该怎么教孩子。

就说那个林妙可假唱吧, 我看见有人说要是自己是那个真唱的孩子的妈妈就不让自己女儿去为人作嫁衣服。真的吗? 那也很难跟孩子解释啊?我觉得这是个问题。