Friday, August 15, 2008

Olympics Miscellaneous

A- The extremists set off bombs all over China, from east to west, south to north. Regardless, the Chinese government asserted that there was no terrorists in China, and all terrorists reported were conducted by persons either blind, limp or having mental problems.

B- The security measures used is unprecedented. It is said that the Olympic torch was protected on higher security level than that of the president Hu Jintao. When the torch relay passed the central China city Zhengzhou. A fake route was published on the local newspaper, while the real relay was conducted in an exclusive area guarded by heavy military forces. All public entertainment has been in a stall. In Olympic cities Beijing, Tianjin, Qinhuangdao, Qingdao and Shanghai, one can't get from point A to point B before his bag searched 5 times but hundreds of millions of volunteer securities armed with networked ID scanners. No group more than 5 are allowed to meet in public. Roller skating, kiting are strictly forbidden. Even daycares were ordered to be closed indefinitely during the Olympics Period, which officially not ended until late September.

C- Thousands of factories were closed or shut down as the government eagerly monitoring air quality in Beijing, some as far away as 500 miles west. Transportation has been in a halt. In the end, Beijing does not look good in the pictures and live images. Actually, it's by and large due to the foggy weather. Everyone who actually in Beijing find the air quality to be good.

D- Almost every swimming finals ended with a breaking of world record in the National Swimming Stadium 'the Water Cube'. There have been many speculations, from doping to less than standard length. The designer of the water cube suggested that the design probably helps because: 1) the pool is deeper than most current pools; 2) the water temperature has been controlled in an extremely stable temperature, which feels most comfortable; 3) the water quality is unprecedented higher than existing pools, which also makes athletes comfortable; 4) designs to eliminate bouncing waves at both ends of the lane. The bouncing waves are considered a significant distraction to top swimmers; 5) designs to eliminate bouncing waves at both sides of the pool, which has been a disadvantage for swimmers on outer lanes;

E- A commercial sponsor pledged $3 million award for the first golden medal, which probably is the real cause why China lost the doubly insured first medal. The top two player in the women's 10-m air rifle competition are all Chinese. Both performed poorly in the game.

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