Monday, August 11, 2008

Women Change World

A woman changed the world - what did Secretary Rice tell Georgia on July 10?

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice visited Georgia on July 10, 2008. Rice met Georgian President Saakashvili, and discussed issues of Georgia's perspective in NATO and South Ossetia separatism.

South Ossetia is a autonomous republic within Georgia, across the Russia-Georgia border to the North Ossetia, part of Russia. Based on a truce agreement between South Ossetia and Georgia made in 1992, Russia keeps a peace keeping force in South Ossetia. More than 70% of the South Ossetia citizens hold Russian citizenship.

What happened after this was history.

On August 8, 2008, Georgia military bombarded Russian peace keeping forces and seized the capital city of South Ossetia despite resistant from local militias. One thousand of five hundred residents were to die in the very first day of this war. At the time, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin was in Beijing watching the opening ceremony. As anyone can expect after the Bear is awakened, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev ordered counter attack. Russian Tanks rolled into Georgia, with Russian bombers bombed military targets across entire Georgia. It has been reported that up to 7000 Georgian soldiers had been captured out of the total of 27000 strong army. Georgian military withdrew from the capital city Tskhinvali. In diplomatic field, Georgia President begged Russia for an immediate truce.

What did Rice tell him?

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Anonymous said...

This is history repeating itself (again), with different names and faces. Not long ago, Saddam had the green light (blessing) of the US to enter Kuwait (When Saddam contacted the US ambassador, she told him the USA has no defense agreement with Kuwait) with this vague reply, he understood it as a green light, and went into Kuwait, and it was the start of the Major problems in the middle east for the last 17 years. So what did Rice tell them? Am pretty sure she told them something Vague, knowing what it would result in, and gives the States a chance to conduct a plan. Who knows, this attack might be Georgia’s ticket into the NATO and the EU? Would this not be in the interest of the United States, when they can sell more weapons and place the shield that they want? Some might say that the conspiracy theory is outdated, and democracy today protect humanity etc… . For those who think like that, just make a simple calculation, who is the major party that has made benefit from all this? And also if you think politics is ethical, then you are naive.