Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Appellant Killed on Way to Protest Beijing University

An appellant from Sanmenxia city of Henan Province was killed in the area of South Rail Station of Beijing by police. Hundreds of appellants had been rounded up by police in the area after many appellant went to Beijing University to protest. Many of them were beaten, and one was beaten to death.

Professor and Director of Forensic Department of Beijing University Mr. Sun Dongdong claimed that more than 99% of appellants who came to Beijing to appeal wrongdoings of local courts and governments were insane, and that the best treatment was to lock them up in mental facilities.

Police of Haidian District where the Beijing University is located were instructed to look for appellants and detain them. The instruction specifically ask local police stations not to supply lunch to detailed appellants before transferring them to metropolitan level concentration camps in Majialou, Beijing.

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