Monday, April 06, 2009

Ontogeny Recapitulates Phylogeny

Contrary to text book education in China, people have been enjoying a great deal of freedom in terms of political and democratic movement in 'old China'. However, it went downhill when the then ruling Nationalist Party kMD was losing the military competitions to the CCP. Desperate KMD tried to dictate what people could say by using terror. It was highlighted when outspoken professor were publicly assaulted and beaten by mobs hired by the KMD. Professor Li Gongpu was assassinated by KMD security forces on July 11, 1946. Professor Wen Yiduo condemned the killing in a public memorial on July 15, 1946. KMD responded by assassinated Professor Wen on the same day. However, as ancient Chinese said, what use does it make to threaten people with death when they are not afraid of death? Soon KMD lost the mainland to CCP.

Professor Sun Wenguang of Shangdong University was assaulted and beaten by mobs hired by communism police in public, with uniformed police standing by. If the communism party expects this can deter the people, they should re-read history.

April 5th is a traditional Chinese holiday (Qingming) to pay tribune to dead people. Professor had planned to went to a cemetery to remember former Chinese premier Zhao Ziyang, who lost power in the political struggle on the backdrop of the Tian'anmen Square Massacre in 1989. The leader of Shangdong University and local police warned Professor Sun not to leave home on the day. Professor Sun went ahead anyway, with four uniformed police officer following. When they arrived at the cemetery, a group of mobs emerged and beat Professor in front of the police. Professor Sun had three bones broken. The mob orderly dispersed into crowds after committing the violence in daytime, in a heavy pedestrian traffic park. Because of the presence of the uniformed police, no ordinary citizen were able to help as they did not understand what was happening.

Silicun (Mile Four Village) Police Station told a reporter of Voice of America that the incident was under police investigation. The officer denied any political motivation behind the violence.

Seventy five years old Professor Sun is a physicist of Shangdong University.

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