Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Endorsed by Qinghua University

The Construction Department of the Sichuan Province decided they would not prosecute people responsible for school buildings collapsed in the Sichuan Earthquake last year. The decision was advised by the Architecture School of Qinghua University as well as the China Architecture Academy.

Ninety thousands people were killed in the earthquake. However, an alarming disproportional of them are school age children. In many villages and towns far away from the center of the quake, school buildings are the only buildings to collapse. Volunteers and international rescue teams entered the disaster area reported unacceptable design and construction materials in schools. Many parents are angry and demand an investigation into the quality of school buildings.

Professors from Qinghua University advised the Sichuan government that the investigation was not necessary. Professors of Qinghua University who are involved in making this decision are: Chief Engineer Liu Fengge (刘凤阁), Deputy Chief Engineer Ma Baomin (马宝民), He Xiaogang (贺小岗) among others.

The Seagull prays to God: May Qinghua University be buried and rotten in Hell. May Qinghua University Professors live in ever collapsing buildings in Hell. May family and kids of Qinghua University professors live in buildings erected by the same villains.

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