Thursday, April 16, 2009

Chinese Soccer Team World Champion

A professional Chinese soccer team won a world championship in the 21th World Middle School Soccer Tournament held in Turkey.

The Chinese Football Association (CFA) released a statement saying although the team was actually the national professional team, but the Association had nothing to do with the game. Players participated the game 'individually', disguised themselves as students of the Chongqing Daping Middle School. Two real students of the Chongqing Daping Middle School indeed travelled with the team to Turkey, but they were never called on to play on the field.

The head coach of the national team also joined the game as a staff of the Chongqing middle school. When interviewed by a reporter in Turkey, Wu Haiyan, a professional player told him that she had no idea she was playing for the middle school even though the school name was printed on her jersey. "Coaches took care of these stuffs", said Wu.

Chines media was not shocked by the scandal of the national team presented to be a middle school team. However, people are dismayed on the close call results between the Chinese professional team and those authentic middle school teams.

Chongqing's mayor, Bo Xilai is known as a 'soccer mayor' ever since he was the mayor of Dalian, Liaoning. Bo is also a national leader, being a member of the communist party politburo. Bo is the son of late Party leader Bo Yibo.

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sz7 said...

What a SHAME! Chinese soccer is a shame of our country! The couch and the mayor should kneel down and apologize to the world!