Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Chinese Net Cops in Action

Chinese Net Cops responded promptly to an online animal abuse allegation, and successfully brought the suspects to justice. No, they are not part of the notorious Great FireWall, but some mobilized netizens who are enraged by the pictures recently posted online despicting a so called crush fetish on animals.

Crush fetish is originated in the western and Japan, but it found some Chinese followers recently. A netizen downloaded a piece of video clip accidently, and was disgusted by the contents. He posted some images captured from the video, and many fellow netizens were mobolized to identify the persons shown in the video, also the photographers and distributors.

The highheal lady and the photographer are from Luo County, Heilongjiang, and the website owner is from Hangzhou, Zhejiang. Both the lady, a nurse, and the photographer, a local TV station employee were suspended from work while the investigation is still in process.

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