Friday, March 17, 2006

HYSIS Hoax, Update 2

One of the major role in the HYSIS Hoax 汉芯, or HYSIS Scam, Yan Xiaoqun 严晓浪 was further questioned on his ethics as the 863 project manager. This time it is related to an old high profile Chinese commercial spy case.

Zhong Ming and Ye Fei are both Chinese Americans. They were arrested by FBI in the San Francisco Airport before boarding to China in Nov 23, 2001. They were charged for commercial espionage. The buyer is a Hangzhou based company named Supervision Inc. At the time, Supervision was actively applying for 863 grant, which is managed by Yan himself. Supervision denied any relation to Zhong and Ye. However, it was uncovered that both Zhong and Ye were on the five person board of directors, which is chaired by Yan Xiaolang. Ye Fei and Zhong Ming were indicted for conspiracy to take trade secrets from four Silicon Valley companies to China on Dec 4, 2002.

In an interview with reporters, Yan Xiaolang said the 863 project had achieved great progress in the past five years, and that should not be negated by the HYSIS Scam.

A blog by a reporter Zuo Zhijian 左志坚 covering the HYSIS Hoax. The blog by his teammate Yang Linhua 杨琳桦.

HYSIS Hoax, HYSIS Hoax, Update

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