Sunday, March 26, 2006

An old song

只有情永在 Only Love Survives

张学友 邝美云 Singers: Jacky Cheung Cally Kwong

女:世间事 不知怎分对错 Kwong: Issues in this world, hard to tell right from wrong
男:懒得问 恩怨怎分开 Cheung: Don't bother, who can seperate love and hate
女:当一切若浮云 Kwong: When everything turns into clouds and fogs
男:只有情永在 Cheung: Only love survives
合:心中记一份爱 Choir: Save a piece of love in your heart

女:再不问 Kwong: Won't ask agin, whether love is the answer

男:爱海内 Cheung: Love everything, that's the answer

女:也不怕消失去 Kwong: No longer afraid, afriad of losing
男:不会难替代 Cheung: Nothing is ireplacable

合:风声里都找到爱 Choir: Love can be found even in the sound of wind

女:未怕分开 纵使分开 Kwong: NO longer afraid of seperation, even if so
亦都知美梦仍会在 We knew good dreams will be there

男:何必感慨 谁会意外 Cheung: No need to sigh, who will be surprised
此心不变迁 何曾改 The heart won't change, as it never has

女:再不用 口中天天说爱 Kwong: There's no need, to say the word love everyday
男:懒分辨 心内情意若何 Cheung: Don't bother to tell, what's your feeling insdie

女:有朝会暂别离 Kwong: Someday we will be apart
男:不会成障碍 Cheung: That's no obstacle

合:清风里 都找到爱 Choir: In the wind, love to be found
啊 千山里 都找到爱 In mountains, love to be found

Both singers are buddhists. Cally is the first runner-up of 1982 Miss Hong Kong Pageant.

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