Sunday, March 26, 2006

The City Manager of Tuttle Oklahoma

Jerry A. Taylor is the city manager of the city Tuttle, Oklahoma. Armed with an bachelor degree in EE from UT Arlington, a bachelor of Art degree from National-Louis University, and most recently an MBA degree from Averett University, Mr Taylor is an Executive Board Member of City Managers Association of Oklahoma and a member of International City Managers Association. Mr. Taylor also accumulated 22 years of computer system engineering and operation. However, nothing stopped him from making himself a fool when he repeatedly threatened staff of CentOS for an totally unrelated non-issue, something wrong with his web hosting. Not only he showed that he didn't understand a bit of the thing people call it computer, but also he showed what a poor reader and generally speaking lower than boundary IQ.

Even though Tuttle, OK is a small city, people there deserve a better city manager for that salary line. Well, the political information from says Tuttle supported President Bush in the past two elections, no wonder.;-)

Within hours, the news was caught on by the UK Register and other international media. Also read a few funny comments from the CentOS story page, and the Digg:

Posted: 2006/3/25 23:14 Updated: 2006/3/25 23:14

Re: It's L-i-n-u-x, that is an Operating System
Wow... a taste of everything... Baskin Robins Flavors

(1) Pre-emptive Doctrine - Shoot First!, ask questions later
(2) Schoolyard Bully
(3) Michael Brown - Forever redefining the Brownie... Brown-nose...
(4) The FBI - in color...
(5) Chicken Little - The (barn) Roof is falling
(6) Hair Club for Men (or The Man)
(7) Raytheon - Un(Patriotic) Missiles - shooting friendlies as well as enemies
.... there are more...many more...

And how does this look?

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