Saturday, March 11, 2006

History: People Eating Northern Minorities

304 A.D. to 439 A.D. It's one of the darkest time period in the history on the land of China. After the fell off of a weak Han empire Jin 晋, many minorities on the northern boundaries came down. This period is called Five Minority Messing China (无胡乱华). The five minorities are 匈奴民族、鲜卑民族、羯民族、氐民族、羌民族.

Governor of You Wang Jun 王浚 invited Murong Jiangbei 慕容鲜卑 to fight another warlord. Before Murong returned to his home in the north, he captured thousands of Han girls in additional to numerous treasure. These girls were consumed as food, and when the troop met Wang Jun at Yi River 易水, only eight thousands were left alive. Being a Han himself, Wang asked Murong to release the girls. Murong couldn't eat them all, but he also didn't want to set them free. He ordered to drown them in the Yi River.

Qiang 羯族 who set up the Zhao 后赵 Kingdom had Chinese women as their regular food. They never bothered for supplies in military actions, but always ate Han women they captured. They even gave them a name 'two feet sheep', which were used in the day for sexual satisfaction, and in the evening for the dinner. The crown prince Shi Sui 石邃 was a believer of Buddhism. He enjoyed most was to had sex with beautiful nuns, and then cook their meat with lamb and beef. When a Han general Ran Wen 冉闵 defeated Zhao, he liberated 200 thousands 'two-feet-sheep'. He let them go home. However, most of them did not have a home to go. About 70,000 decided that they wanted to stay with his troops in the capital city Ye 邺城. Later, Ran was defeated and Ye was surrounded by Xianbei troops, some of them were eaten by hungry city defenders, some again were taken as two-feet-sheep after the city were broken by Xianbei.

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