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Remembering Yuan Baojing

Chinese netizens have been by and large characterized as 'rich bashing' people, which is obviously evident in a number of high profile cases such as the Harbin BMW and many others. In the gang boss Liu Yong case, the High Court of Liaoning Province sentenced Liu Yong to suspended death, which is usually converted to a life time in jail after two years. The Chinese netizens mobilized to get the Supreme Court involved to change the sentence to a death sentence. However, we just observed a rare opposite exception, while the netizens cried foul when a billionaire was executed for a contract murder case by the a court in Liaoning Province.

Yuan Baojing 袁宝璟, a Chinese billionare, together with his brother and a cousin were executed for an alleged contract murder case on March 17, 2006. His another cousin was sentenced to death with two years suspension.

The prosecutor's story was that the murder victim, Wang Xing blackmailed Yuan on an earlier case. Then Yuan arranged his two brothers to kill Wang. However, the story never holds, as inconsistent police report on the crime scene and various versions alleged plot, and that the police never set the connection to the murder weapon.

The murder case has question marks written all over it. The sentence itself is nothing short of a SCANDAL. No joke, but it is unprecedented even in the history of communism red China to execute three persons for one murder case, not to mention that the Supreme Court just recently issued a directive asking more causiousness in considering death sentences.

Many Chinese Netizens believe Yuan and his brothers were killed to bury crimes committed by top CCP disciplinary official Li Feng 李峰 of the Liaoning Province. Li Feng once 'borrowed' HKD $120 million to register a company in Hong Kong, the money was never returned. Li was known to be the big boss controlling all drug traffic and counterfeiting money business in Liaoning. Liaoning is notorious for its corrupt legal system. Last year, the Supreme Court scolded Liaoning by overturned Liu Yong case with an on-the-book-but-never-used legal maneuver. Many Chinese people are surprised and deeply dismayed that the Supreme Court did not intervene this time.

It was said
that Yuan's wife Zhuoma, a professor of the Central University for Nationalities, donated more than USD $36 billion (most of which are stock of an oversea oil field) to the central government to bring attention for a fair trail.

Rumor has it that Li Feng is close to a relative of Jiang Zemin. Rumor also has it that the Minister of Commerce Bo Xilai is deeply involved. Any discussion or reference to the case were prompted removed on all Chinese online forums.

Yuan Baojing had been little known for his fortune because of his low profile life style when he was alive. Distinct from most rich Chinese businessmen who spent their fortune on luxuries, Yuan gave money to worthy causes. Since 1996, 900 college students cross the country had receive a prestigious Jianhao scholarship, seen by many as the top scholarship in China. The scholarship was donated by Yuan, who chose not to use his own name. He also established at least two elementary schools in Tibet. Because of Yuan's deliberate intention of not advocating for his charity giving, these kind of information has only been leaked slowly through people close to him after he was arrested two years ago.

For the first time, the tip and bottom layer of the Chinese fortune pyrimid found common language: the fear from corrupt officials. Who killed their sons? Who robbed their money? If a billionaire can't save his own life with his ways, means and treasure, what can a ordinary people count on?


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  不仅如此,据说那个官员还做假钞生意阿。这可是算是在颠覆那个国家经济秩序阿,可是谁让它和那个国家前任NO。1 的亲戚有着千丝万缕的联系,竟然还安坐太师椅。


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