Wednesday, August 02, 2006

HYSIS Hoax, Update 5

The dust of the infamous SJTU HYSIS Hoax, while the university cheated the government billions of dollars with a totally faked up project in a during of 4 years has not settled. Yet another accomplice emerged.

Professor Mao Zhigang 毛志刚 of Shanghai Jiao Tong University recently told reporters, Chen Jin's project trained a large amount of researchers.

This is a very weird scenario. Professor Chen Jin, Dean of the Microelectronic College of the SJTU faked up a huge project from the very beginning, and employed the entire college in the process. As a common knowledge, nothing could be trained when faking up things. The only skill that can be trained is the skill to fake.

If anyone is doing other 'real' research, therefore be trained in the process, while working on Professor Chen's faked up project, the only reasonable induction tells us that that person knew of Professor Chen's team, the entire college of SJTU was cheating the government.

Obviously Professor Mao Zhigang was a player in the biggest academic fraud in Chinese science history.

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