Thursday, April 07, 2011

Melamine Daddy Was Disappeared

Melamine Daddy Zhao Lianhai was disappeared from his home after speaking out on artist Ai Weiwei's disappearance via an Internet video. Zhao said in the video that he felt obliged to say something for Ai, because he would have to explain the situation to his son in the future. He does not want his son to be shamed of him for taking cover when a good man was wronged.

Hours later, Zhao was taken away by secret police who did not reveal their identity. His family has not been able to find where Zhao is being held and on what charge.

In the past few weeks, dozens of activists and outspoken lawyers alike had been disappeared. A few of them was formally charged, but most simply disappeared. State run 'Global Times' published an editorial titled 'Law will not bend for People Walked their Own Way'. Without spelling out the charge, the editorial suggested Ai was taken in for incomplete papers to leave the country. Earlier today, official Xinhua News Agency published a brief message online saying Ai Weiwei had been under investigation on business related crimes. However, the message was removed minutes later. It looks the regime had not made up its mind on using which clause to frame Ai. Therefor on official account, Ai remains in disappearance 3 days after he was taken away while boarding an airplane at the Beijing International Airport.

Zhao Lianhai's son is a victim of the Melamine-poisoned Sanlu milk case. Because Zhao asked the state to help children victims in medical care, he was sentenced to 2 and half years in jail last year by the communist court. Zhao was released after representatives from Hong Kong protested. However, in exchange, Hong Kong representatives to the National Congress were told they should not interfere with national affairs in the future, but rather focusing on Hong Kong issues.

For understandable reason, the Seagull will suspend blogging on mainland's political issues for 3 months, or until the trend changes, whichever comes last.

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