Monday, April 25, 2011

China's Top Party School

'Party School' has different meaning in China, where the only Party is the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Qinghua University celebrated its one hundred years anniversary last week. Some Chinese Netizens mocked the Qinghua a fake school, because the real Tsinghua University moved to Taiwan before the Communist party took over the government in 1949. Nonetheless, nobody can dispute that Qinghua is a top school, along Beijing University and few others of China, a country with 1.3 Billion population, known for highly motivated students in science and engineering.

Without citing official numbers, it's safe to say Qinghua University produced the most engineers and government officials for the communist China. A Qinghua admission equates to guarranteed positions in government agencies, the most coveted career in China. Since Qinghua's alum are in control of every level of government, it is said if a Qinghua graduated committed a murder, he would never be convicted because even prosecutors and judges are Qinghua alum, who are known for taking care of their peers.

Zhou ziqi is the founding president of Qinghua University. During the Great Cultural Revolution, Red Guards of Qinghua chopped his wife's head off, while forcing his daughter watching in the same room. His daughter went insane. This history has been censored when the authority realized it does not fare well to promote Qinghua as a first class world leading university. Many people heard of it the first time when Zhou's grandson mentioned it in his microblog. Hu Jintao, among most other senior communist officials also graduated from Qinghua. Hu was a Red Guard too at the time when Zhou's wife was decapitated. Hu joined '4/14', one of five major Red Guards cults who controlled the university at the time.

Hu congratulated Qinghau last week. However, many people believe Qinghua's life as a university had been chopped off during the Cultural Revolution. Many find it ironic to see Hu among others who were responsible for converting Qinghua University into a Party School celebrating its 100th anniversary.

A traditional Chinese slogan is 'Sacrifice for the Nation'. This slogan has motivated millions of Chinese in thousands of years to stood up against foreign aggression to defend the motherland. The slogan of Qinghua University is 'Sacrifice for the Party'. Each year, thousands of Qinghua graduates walked out the campus in Beijing, dedicated themselves to the ruling of Communists Party.

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