Monday, April 18, 2011

520 Dogs Rescued on Highway

A truck carrying more than 500 dogs from Henan to Jilin was forced to pull over by people suspecting the source of these dogs. Although police vowed for the legitimacy of these goods, hundreds of animal lovers responded to the call to block the truck from leaving. After more than 15 hours of confrontation and negotiation, two animal welfare groups paid $18,000 to the truck owner and the dogs were sent to animal shelter for proper care.

Dog meat is a favorite dish in Jilin, a northeastern province adjacent to Korea.

While animal lovers celebrate the victory for these poor dogs, many still carrying their tags, the bold action was criticized by many as an unlawful riot that place the dog's right ahead of men's. The issue of concern is that there is no dog farm in China. The only possible source of these dogs could only be 1) stray dogs and 2) pets stolen from their home. The former implies hygiene problems, and the latter is illegal to start with.

The event also draw attention from security agencies on the energy and efficiency of animal rights groups.

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