Friday, April 08, 2011

Overseas Students Crimes

1. Orebro, Sweden. Shanghai girl Chen Hao was shopping with her roommate when Xiao Jun (alias) brutally stabbed her to death in public on March 31. Xiao Jun stayed at the scene until police came. Xiao Jun admitted he was the killer, and also stated he was not in a relationship with Chen Hao. Both graduated from Shanghai Lixin University of Commerce before going to Orebro University for Master's degree. It is believed "unrequited love" the motive for the murder. Chen, a communist Party member, expected to graduate this May. Xiao Jun, also a communist Party member and student leader, is expected to graduate in August, pending passing of two courses he failed earlier.

2. Providence, RI. In the morning of April 2, apartment room of Wu Xianglong and Yu Xiaoshuang was broken in by Hu Todd Zhenpeng and Shengfeng Alex Cui. It appeared the plan was to take Wu's Porsche and sell it in underground market. The girlfriend was left at the scene in a big suitcase. Wu was taken with them also in a suitcase to Malden, MA. Wu was able to get away from a bathroom he had been locked in. Todd was arrested, while Alex fled to China. Wu and Yu attend the Johnson and Wales University.

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