Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Internet Mobs

Yao Jiaxin was sentenced to death. The Seagull advocated for Yao's capital punishment when signs indicated the court might go the other way. While many are celebrating the victory of people's voice, I am wailing for the lost of another life. This time, a life of a young man who has similar background as myself.

Almost the entire Chinese online community, left and right, mainland and overseas, shouted out loudly that Yao must die. Yao's crime was simply inexcusable. His car struck a person in a dark night. As nobody else was watching, Yao stabbed the person 8 times to kill her. The reason was Yao wanted to avoid medical liability.

Yao should die, as the Seagull had been preaching in the past 2 weeks. However, the Seagull felt the pain of Yao and Yao's own family. The difficult and cruel task of taking away another human's life shouldn't be the burden of a regular person. That's what the government is for. While common people were forced to make life and death decision on daily basis, what will that do to the mental health of this society?

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