Wednesday, February 01, 2006

A Son like Zhang Shangyun

《玛特琳娜的家》: “我们就生活在她身边,她就是最正直的人。俗话说,要是离开了这种人,就不会有村庄存在。也不会有城市存在。更不会有我们的整个地球存在。” 

Nowadays, many Chinese men and women have been praying: if they would have a son, he should be like Zhang Shangyun.


Shangyun is a 24 years old young man recently graduated from college. Almost right after he was admitted to Changchun Taxation College in the year 2000, his mother was diagnosed with a disease associated with severe brain damage. In order to better take care his mother, he took her to Changchun, where he attended college.


Shangyun took all kinds of jobs he could reach, including mentoring students, washing dishes, construction, transportation, etc. to earn money for mother's medications, his tuition and living expenses for the family: his mother, his grandmother and himself. To take his mother to see specialists, he bought a tricycle, and peddled thousands of miles among several cities. They can't afford taxi, or often even public transits. People often saw he carrying his mother on his back, walking miles.

Hard labor did not stopped him stayed up to study college courses. He was the first in his class to pass the national computer exam. In the next six semesters, he was awarded merit based scholarships five times. On November 30th, 2004, he scored Number one among more than one thousand applicants in the civil servant examination for the national tax bureau in Kaifeng, Henan Providence.



Dahew, Henan Baoye, Renmin Daily

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