Thursday, February 09, 2006

NASA polictical appointee faked resume

University officials confirmed that George Carlton Deutsch III did not receive a degree from Texas A&M, on controrary to what was asserted on his NASA resume.

Mr. Deutsch was a 24 years old presidential appointee at NASA, who played a significant role in a recent cross agency effort to exert political control over the flow of information to the public. In one recent incident, a renowned NASA scientist Dr. James Hansen told New York Times he was constraint from talking about global climate, because officials did not want the public to hear about global warming.

Although it was eye-catching when a senior NASA official was caught with falcified resume, but what's more import is: 1) this is but a small incident of the current trend of the aministration to tell scientists what they should speak to the public; 2) How can a person by-pass the standard NASA background screening up employment.

Mr. Nick Anthis who runs a blog on science policy questioned Mr. Deutsch's educational record on Monday Feb 6th, 2006. Mr. Anthis graduated with a biochemistry degree from the Texas A&M in 2005.

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