Friday, February 24, 2006

HYSIS Hoax, Update

Xiao Bo, the reporter who broke up silence in traditional media. Her MSN blog ID is barokoliebe. She covered the story knowing it put her life in risk. She is also quite artistic. Her photo album can be seen at flickr.

Professor Yan Xiaolang of Zhejiang University, the top scientist in VLSI design area in China is the 'expert' who represents the government in the verification process. It was said he is brother of the owner, Yan Xiaoqun, of a private company that is in control of the project.

Yan Xiaoqun, the owner of Nanjing SVT Group, ranked No. 86 among the richest Chinese in mainland in 2005. Yan accumulated his fortune in a chain of purchasing and merging of state owned enterprises. A whistle blower revealed that the HYSIS project received more than $1 billion research grants from the government. The project turned out to be a hoax. They showed the government a Motorola freescale chip, and told the government that it's what they produced. The 'Motorola' marker stamped on the surface of the chip was marked off by a farmer worker hired by Dr. Chen Jin.
Dr. Chen Jin, Dean of the Microelectronic College of the Shanghai Jiao Tong University registered an Unincorporated Business ENSOC from a Travis County of Texas to launder research funding of the HYSIS project. He literally stapled a label of something that does not look like himself on his own pocket, and put the money into it. ENSOC was registered in May 2002 by Jin Chen, 1819 Montana Sky Dr, Austin, TX 78727.

Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) has long been a safe harbor of phony scientific discoveries. They were best known for a multi-billion dollars scandal which involves a drink nutrition supplement Onnly, whose scientific merits were also strongly questioned by researchers. Being formal China President Mr. Jiang Zemin's Alta Mater, SJTU has seen little problem in keep enjoying disproportional state funds.

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