Sunday, February 19, 2006

Life is Beautiful for Vocal Anti-US advocate

Ms. Ma Nan 马楠, who stunned the world in summer of 1998 by sharply questioning then US President Bill Clinton in an aired speech at Beijing University on US human right policies, now lives happily ever after as an US citizen.

Understandably, people in China do not have the freedom to publicly speak out opinions not favored by the Chinese communism authority. However, as everyone in China know, also known to anyone who have basically understanding of ongoing life in China, an individual has absolute right to keep his mouth shut. Ms. Ma chose her behavior with an apparent intention to appease the Communism Party, without a slight consideration of human dignity or integrity if that ever matters to her.

In 1998, Bill Clinton was the first US president to visit China in 10 years, also the fist US president to visit the Beijing University (PKU). The Chinese communism authority and PKU administration made it clear that they wanted to show their hospitality. Regardless, the student activists such as Ms. Ma chose to go the other way, the patriotic way in their mind. What made a chilling scary was that they didn't even aware that they put themselves up in a show, blinding in hope that the show would have appeased the CCP, without even bother trying to read the CCP's mind. 10 years later, the US citizen Ms. Ma admitted that what she said that day was not what she had wanted to say. As a vegetarian, she would have like to ask Mr. Clinton's opinion on green food. However, she chose to do the right thing, to praise China's human rights record and scold the US for the reaching hands.

A Collaborator is always despicable, although we now know that Ms. Ma was never a believer of communism. She's but another ready-for-sell opportunist without the burden of a soul.

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