Friday, February 24, 2006

Nikon D200 Banding Update 3: Phil's Recommendation

Phil of the DPRveview just posted his verdict on the Nikon D200: Highly Recommended. Phil claimed that although some D200 showed banding, the one his used for the testing is banding free.

However, some readers quickly pointed out banding was evident in more than one places in his review, including one in real life settings.

Conspiracy theorists questioned whether the fact that Phil Askey received the testing camera from Nikon directly invalid the impartiality of the test. Phil quickly responded that he had received the testing camera from Nikon before the so called banding issued was revealed. However, On 12/21/2005, Phil said '..I still don't have (a D200) despite other sites having one'. The banding issue had been circulated on other sites, but as late as 12/19/2005, there's a post at dpreview discussing the issue already.

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