Sunday, May 07, 2006

Food Trasher Refused Service at Chinese Buffet

Wendy Dershem and her boyfriend, as well as her two children were refused service at a Des Moines Chinese buffet.

This is indeed a strange news, since it's a common scene in any Chinese buffet restaurant that some Americans take plates and plates of food, but wasted most of them. A buffet is often referred to as all you can eat, but not 'all you can waste'.

The Dragon House in Des Moines has the courage to tell Wenday Dershem, her boyfriend, and her two children that it's not their right to waste food. Dershem shifted the blame to the children who often changed mind after picking up food, but according to the cashiers and waitresses it's not only the children. The party of Dershem always pile food on their plates, have one bite, and pitch the rest. Dragon House manager Kent Cao says Dershem won't be welcomed back unless she's ready to leave a clean plate.

Wasting food is immoral, but wasting someone else's food is a crime. Even if it's a crime worth the money and time of a district attorney, some Americans should be shame of themselves. Restaurants have the right to enforce policies about wasting food as long as they do not engage in unlawful discrimination against racial minorities or other protect groups.

Bravo to the manager of the Dragon House Mr. Kent Cao. It's good move for the restaurant, good for other customers, and good for shameless Americans.


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